Airport Express Shuttle To And From Major Southern California Airports:



At one time or another, everyone has to take a plane ride whether it is for business or for fun. Flying can be a lot of fun, and in a few short hours, people can fly anywhere they want in the United States. However, though flying is fast and easy, some parts of it are not so easy like transportation to and from the airport. However, there is an airport shuttle service named Lotus Transportation, and for people that need to go to and from LAX, this express shuttle service is the best place to call. Here is more information on the benefits of using an airport express shuttle.

Lotus-Transportation-van-sedanLotus Transportation offers their customers a safe ride whether it is going to or coming home from LAX. An airport express shuttle can cost a lot less than having to take a taxi cab. The average taxi ride from the airport can cost up to fifty dollars, but hiring Lotus Transportation can be a lot cheaper. The average airport express shuttle ride costs between fifteen and twenty five dollars, which is almost half of what a taxi cab ride would cost.

Another benefit of hiring an airport express shuttle is the fact that the ride is safe. A taxi cab can be a small car, which does not leave a lot of room for people to move around in. Lotus provides their customers with captain’s chairs, ensuring plenty of space and comfort. A person is usually tired after a long flight, and the last thing they need is to be cramped into a tiny taxi cab. Nothing is more comfortable than a wide chair that slightly reclines back to allow for plenty of comfort. Lotus only uses vans so their customers are ensured a good, relaxing ride back to their home.

Every year, people get hurt from riding around in cabs. There are many taxis available from the airport, but a person may want to think twice about hiring one. Taxis are not always a safe vehicle to ride around in, and the fact is that many taxi cab drivers drive at dangerous speeds that endanger the lives of their customers. It has been proven statistically that taxi cab drivers can sometimes drive dangerously just to get their passenger to their destination faster, hoping for a large tip. No one’s life should be in jeopardy just because they want a ride home, and Lotus Transportation will get anyone home safely. Why take chances of a dangerous cab ride when there is a safe company that is just waiting to take you home?

Lotus Transportation is a reliable express shuttle service. Sometimes a person calls for a taxi cab, and if it is late at night or a busy weekend the taxi cab might not show up or might show up very late. Who wants to be standing outside waiting all night for a cab that may or may not show up? To get a safe, comfortable ride home from a reliable company named Lotus Transportation, the number to call is 1-888-568-8740.