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Airports are the gateways to a country and Los Angeles International Airport is considered the primary airport serving the second most populated metropolitan area in the US. With such heavy demands on the traffic flow through the airport, various different feeder systems have been designed to ensure the visitors exiting and returning to the country are able to continue their journey to their end destination in comfort. Noted as being the busiest airport in the country, Los Angeles International Airport or LAX as it is commonly referred to also claims to be the origin and destination for many direct flight passengers, making the shuttle service to LAX an important feature to have.

Realizing that there is a need to provide feeder services to passenger entering and leaving the country through this airport, the Lotus Transportation Group has built a dependable and affordable system that is both highly regarded and efficient. With its unbeatable low price of only $7 per person, the comfortable ride offered is certainly a welcomed service before or after a long flight. The unbeatable low price offered does not in any way compromise the standard of the shuttle service to LAX that has been offered by the Lotus Transportation Group over the years. Proud to be consistently among the top choice for travelers, the Lotus Transportation Group is always committed to ensuring the service it provides is of the best quality.

The following are just some of the reasons why the Lotus Transportation Group has managed to stay the best and the most sought after LAX shuttle service in the business:

  • The shuttle bus service provides non–stop express transportation. The main destinations The Lotus Transportation Group service feeds would include airports, cruise lines and hotels. This service is noted for its speed and efficiency.
  • The airport express shuttle service to LAX is convenient and allows the passenger to embark and disembark at the destination without having to maneuver through other airport traffic. There are specially designed lanes used by the Lotus Transport Group which allows easy and smooth access to the airport. This is especially important to ensure flights are not missed.
  • The door-to-door shuttle service is extremely convenient as no traveler wants to be hassled with interchanges and unnecessary use of various means of getting to the final destination.
  • There is also the advantage to being able to share the costs with other passengers heading in the same direction. Hiring private cars and taxis are usually costly and not worth the hassle of having to wait in line for one when you can have a shared ride.
  • For the individual who would like a more personal and private arrangement, the Lotus Transport Group is able to provide an airport van or a private van for their customers.

Often referred to as the best service provider, Lotus Transportation Group is constantly working to ensure their customer enjoys the very best quality of service available. If you want to travel in comfort, in safety and get to your destination in time, then Lotus Transportation is the only choice for you.

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